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Guidelines for Bulk SMS Service:
Rules and Regulations to Ensure Compliance and User Consent

  • Consent and Opt-in: Obtain explicit consent from recipients before sending them bulk SMS messages. Ensure that individuals have willingly provided their contact information and agreed to receive SMS communications from your service.

  • Unsubscribe Option: Include an opt-out or unsubscribe mechanism in each message. Recipients should have the ability to easily and immediately stop receiving further messages from your service.

  • Identification: Clearly identify your organization or brand in the message. Include your company name, contact details, and any required identification information as mandated by local regulations.

  • Content Compliance: Ensure that your messages comply with relevant laws and regulations. Avoid sending spam, unsolicited messages, or content that may be considered offensive, discriminatory, or illegal.

  • Do Not Disturb (DND) Compliance: Respect the preferences of recipients who have registered their numbers on the Do Not Disturb (DND) registry or similar opt-out lists. Do not send SMS messages to these numbers unless you have explicit permission or an exemption as per local regulations.

  • Privacy and Data Protection: Safeguard the personal information of recipients and adhere to data protection laws. Collect, store, and process personal data in a secure manner and only use it for the purposes explicitly stated during consent collection.

  • Frequency and Timing: Be mindful of the frequency and timing of your messages. Sending messages too frequently or at inappropriate times can lead to user dissatisfaction and non-compliance.

  • Transactional vs. Promotional Messages: Differentiate between transactional and promotional messages. Transactional messages, such as order confirmations or service updates, may have different regulatory requirements compared to promotional messages, such as marketing campaigns.

  • Compliance with Telecommunication Regulations: Familiarize yourself with telecommunications regulations, laws, and guidelines specific to your jurisdiction. Understand any requirements related to licensing, registration, or reporting obligations for bulk SMS service providers.

  • Record Keeping: Maintain records of consent, opt-outs, and message logs for a specified period as required by local regulations. These records may be necessary for compliance purposes or resolving potential disputes.