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We Provide Bulk SMS Services In Sri Lanka, OTP SMS, Transactional SMS, Bulk Promotional SMS, Enterprise Bulk SMS, Bulk SMS API & Gateway In Sri Lanka.

@RichmoDIGITAL, Google 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ranked IT Solution Company in Battaramulla. Specialized in website design, web development, eCommerce solutions & Digital marketing. 

Why Richmo other SMS Gateway

Providers in Sri Lanka?

Richmo is not only a SMS Gateway API. We offer a set of tools which helps you to reach your business communication goals. With Richmo you get access to an advanced dashboard which helps you manage your customers and fully customized customer alerts. Realtime analytics, powerful logs you have it all.

Cloud Control Panel to Send Bulk SMS

You can monitor live from the start of the campaign. So, you can track campaigns with ease in the activity screen, and review your delivery statistics, bounces and responses.

Target Bulk SMS Campaign

Target SMS campaign allows you to target your content to the right people in the right way, rather than targeting your entire audience with a generic message.

Advanced SMS API / Plugin

You can send and receive text and short messages to and from SMS-capable devices over cellular and internet networks using the SMS API. And Available WordPress Plugin.

About Our

Company Insight

RICHMO is committed to be the preferred Comprehensive Digital Media Solutions Provider for demanding customers, through service excellence and cost-effective delivery, with a focus of achieving sustainable growth and profitability in a socially responsible manner, beneficial to our customers, employees and shareholders.

We are committed to delivering superior Digital Media Solutions and services that meet and exceed customer expectations, through a culture of innovation and continuous quality improvements to the processes, through which we deliver our services.

We are able to fill in the gaps when and where you need them.

Campaign Management User Panel

You can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with campaign management campaign and easy to create and manage SMS Campaigns without any technical knowledge with our user friendly portal.

View Realtime Delivery Report & Logs

In the modern era, sending bulk SMS is customary, but not all of such messages reach the prospective customers. You'll be curious to see how many of these mass messages were received and how many bounced after sending them. With the help of real-time SMS reporting, you will be able to know the success & failure rate of the delivery of these messages. We are the only one company which is provided this service in Srilanka.

Target Bulk SMS Campaign

With the increase in using mobile phones around the globe, text messaging has become the most popular, inexpensive and convenient method to send promotional offers to customers.

It is essential for a company to make sure that their marketing messages are highly targeted as possible. By using targeted marketing, you can provide the right recommendation at the right time and place.

Packages & Pricing

We offer a flat rate for every network in Sri Lanka

Bulk SMS Campaign

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Web Dashboard Access*
  • Target Base (Filters)
  • Unicode Support
  • Realtime Campaign Monitor
  • Delivery Reports

User Account Portal

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Web Dashboard Access
  • API Services
  • Unicode Support
  • 10 x Free Sender IDs (Masking)
  • Delivery Reports

Reseller User Portal

  • Setup Charges 100,000 LKR
  • Web Dashboard Access
  • API Management
  • User Management
  • Credit Management
  • Campaign Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between transactional SMS & promotional SMS?

Transactional SMS : Transactional SMS are informative SMS. People like to receive these SMS like banking, school & colleges alerts, bill payment reminders, Otp Etc. Transactional SMS will be delivered to all dnd and non dnd numbers and it works 24 hours.


Promotional SMS : brands send promotional SMS to registered & non-registered mobile numbers to boost their reach and sales. SMS will be delivered 6.00am to 9.00pm only. Promotional SMS will deliver only to non dnd numbers.

Do you provide bulk SMS api to send SMS from my website?

Yes, We provide bulk SMS API script to send SMS from your software & website.

How long it takes to delivery my SMS ?

We are processing your SMS sending requests to Sri Lanka immediately and your SMS will reach the recipient within 2-6 seconds generally. But this may vary according to the network loads and recipient’s reception levels.

What is the maximum length of a sender name?
Unique sender name is limited to 11 alphanumeric characters. You can find the full list of rules in our Tech Support FAQ.
What is the message limit?
You can send up to 800 000 messages in a single campaign.
What is the limit of special characters in an SMS?
According to the global GSM standard, including even a single special character decreases the limit from 160 to 70 characters. Read more about it in our Tech Support FAQ.

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