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New User Registration Process

Application for BULK SMS Gateway (Business Promotion) / API Registration

🔘️ Company Registration Certificate

🔘️ Business Owner’s Identification Document or Company Director’s Passport or NIC

🔘️ An alternate letter, confirming the ability to act on behalf of your business (e.g., a fax cover or a website page)

Request for Mask Name (Sender ID) Approval

To obtain authorization for the desired Mask Name (Sender ID), please fill out the provided letter template with your business details, on your company letterhead. The Sender ID should be comprised of 11 characters and can include English alphabets, numerals, or special characters.

⚠️ It takes about 2 – 3 government working days for approval. In some cases, the number of days may change due to various reasons.

Sample Mask Name (Sender ID) Request Letter

📌After completing the letter template via the provided link, kindly upload it with your company letterhead to authorize your identity/nomination.

💡 Upon completing this process, new users can register for Bulk SMS services through the following link:
➡️ New User Registration (Click Here)

💡 Please review our Service Terms and Conditions before proceeding:
➡️ Service Terms and Conditions