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Service Terms and Conditions


Customer/You – Customer of the Organization who buys in for the said Services gave hereunder.
We/Us – RICHMO Company
Service – SMS Gateway Service offered by RICHMO Company
SMS – Short Message Service/s
Receiving Party/Receiver – individual/company that receives or is meant to receive an SMS message sent by the Organization.
API – Application Program Interface.
Sender ID – Identification of the message in text but numbers.


  • This Agreement shall be effective from the date of commencement until terminated by either party.
  • Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving one month’s prior written notice.
  • But we reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time.
  • Upon termination of the Service, the Customer shall be liable to settle the outstanding amount due to RICHMO Company.


  • The Customer shall not use the Service for the purpose of transmitting any immoral, obscene, illegal, defamatory, defamatory or political material or any other such material.
  • Only a local business actively operating in Sri Lanka can distributing content using our Service.
  • The customer availing our service shall not use the service to spam/scam or anything that adversely affects the recipient. The account will be banned permanently for any negative reporting without any refunds.
  • Customer shall not use this service to transmit our information with any competitor of RICHMO Company.
  • Customer shall maintain the confidentiality of account username and password throughout the period of availing our service.
  • Customer is solely responsible for changing the original password after account creation.
  • The Customer should request desired Sender ID and should be approved by Us before available to use, text only (no numbers). RICHMO Company reserves all rights to reject or ask for any existing proof for a new Sender ID request. Only to be used in a professional manner.
  • The service obtained by the customer should not be sold to any third party. You must ensure that the service you receive is used only for your business purposes.
  • RICHMO retains data backup for six months only.
  • RICHMO reserves the right to suspend accounts that have been inactive for six consecutive months.
  • RICHMO reserves the right to suspend the Services for the following reasons:
  • Use of Service in Violation of Agreement.
  • Failure of the customer to cooperate with the investigation of any suspected breach of the contract.
  • In case of any threat/attack to the services provided by RICHMO
  • Selling or manipulating the Service to a third party without RICHMO’s knowledge
  • When the Service is suspended in accordance with corporate laws or by a legal and governmental entity
  • When it is necessary to suspend services for the safety of RICHMO’s networks or our other customers


  • The applicable fees must be paid within seven days of the invoice. RICHMO will suspend your service if your undisputed payment is three days or more late. Accounts suspended in this way cannot be reinstated or refunded. Any remaining balance on the account may be cleared while the system processes the account suspension.
  • Account balance can only be used to send SMS and RICHMO does not provide any refund.
  • The current account balance will be carried forward while changing plans but the cost of an SMS will depend on the price of your new plan.


  • We do not provide any services other than those provided in SMS proposal.
  • We shall not be liable to you or any third party for any unauthorized access to your data.
  • RICHMO reserves the right to change prices for packages in accordance with tax changes without prior notice.
  • RICHMO Company reserves the right to add or change or remove any line of the Agreement with or without prior notice during the Agreement Period.


Documents required for Bulk SMS Gateway (Business Promotion) / API service registration

    • A copy of the business registration certificate
    • A copy of the business owner’s ID or driver’s license
    • If your business does not have a registration certificate, some other document that can prove that your business is running (Example: Facebook page / website)


  • A copy of the business registration certificate
  • Sender ID should reflect the business name. if the mask differs from the business name, corporate customer should produce the related docs/references.
  • To get Mask Name (Sender ID) approval: According to the letter format for getting approval that we send to you, a letter prepared in a letter head (Letter Head) with the signature of the person who owns the business should be sent to us.
Last Update : 2024.01.03